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Yvelines: the Lipton dog saved an elderly person

A patient from the Aubergenville clinic had left her room in the evening and was found hypothermic thanks to the animal's flair.

Saved by the flair of a police dog, a patient at the Montgardé clinic in Aubergenville was certainly saved thanks to the canine brigade of the Yvelines police.

This 64-year-old person who suffers from "behavioral disorders", according to the police, had left the establishment in the evening, barefoot and wearing a simple nightgown.The nurse on duty at this clinic located in proximity of rural and wooded areas had then immediately requested help and the police.In vain."Quickly, the police proceeded to search.Not finding this lady, they requested the assistance of the departmental canine brigade", indicates are we at the departmental public security directorate (DDSP).

Based in Chesnay, this brigade is made up of seven defense-intervention dogs, or patrol dogs, and several others specializing in the research of narcotics.And then, there is Lipton, a Malinois shepherd, expert in drug research.missing persons.There are three of them in the department.

Found lying on her back

It was he who finally discovered, at the edge of a wood, the lost patient, lying on her back, conscious but in a state of hypothermia."Supported by the emergency care team, the victim is out of danger ”, adds a police source.

This rescue once again highlights the daily work carried out by the dog trainers of the canine brigade.It takes several months to train an animal."In general, the search is done using clothes or a pillow belonging to the missing person, explains an official.It takes half a second for the animal to memorize the smell and start research.On a daily basis, colleagues train them, starting with rags, handkerchiefs ..."

Posted Date: 2020-07-22

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